• Leo Val

Updated: May 2, 2020

I had a couple week break from mixing and even listening to my songs, especially the first song from the album. It definitely was worth it because I took another try on my guitar tone and approached it way differently than I've ever done before.

This time I tried to approach the guitar sound the same way if I'd be recording an amp in real life. So I have an amp VST and I disable the cabinet section and then I route the sound from the amp to 3 different Impulse Response tracks. A sm57 Dynamic, C414 Condenser and a M160 Ribbon  Microphone. Then you balance those out to your liking. The sm57 and C414 together gives a lot of clarity and definition and the M160 gives body and low end.

I used two different amp VST's. A Neural DSP Fortin NTS Suite and Guitar rig's VAN51. I tracked both amps twice. One set for left and one for the right channel. So you end up with 12 tracks in total (if you'd be actually recording a real amp that is), but with the magic of digital audio workstations I can only record one track and that's routed to all the necessary tracks. Less hard drive space taken, yay!

In the soundcloud widget you can hear the difference. They have only guitar and drums and no bass. I also recorded the guitars again with the new tone because even with the new setup the old recordings (the raw undistorted signal) sounded really boxy and undefined. I think the old recordings were done with my old M-audio Fast track and before I had the guitar fixed by a luthier. The 7-string guitar sounds so much clearer now than ever before!

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