"So many worlds hide inside your imagination"

Mind Waker is a passion project that has been in my head for over 10 years. Over these years the project has taken many different routes trying to find its identity. Now I've finally settled on the story I want to tell as well as what I want to achieve with my music.

I compose all the music and create most of the art (concept art, 3D, illustration) for the project. My plan is also to hire guest musicians as much as possible to avoid too artificial of a sound. That can be really expensive in some cases so I've also setup a Patreon to help fund their time for the album.

The story is divided to 4 parts / albums starting with "Implanted Memories" the 2nd part of the main story line. The stories from album 1 start with fantasy mixed with modern world to post-apocalyptic themes with a hint of cosmic horror towards the last album. The main genre being Science fiction across the whole project.



Concept art I've made so far